Using the DXP integrations service with a push index

The DXP integrations service includes a Funnelback component that enables a push index to be integrated with other repositories accessed via the DXP integrations service.

This enables an integrations recipe to be constructed that places data into the index of a push data source.

Preparing Funnelback for use with the DXP integrations service

A push data source needs to be set up before the DXP integrations service can be configured. This can use an existing push data source, or a new one set up specifically for the integration.

The general process for using a push index with the DXP integrations service is:

  1. Create a push data source (or choose an existing push data source that you wish to use). Make a note of the data source ID - you will need this when configuring the recipe. This is available from the data source details screen.

  2. Create an API token to enable access to the Push API.

  3. Setup the DXP integrations service following the Funnelback component instructions.