Manage a results page

The results page management screen of the search dashboard provides access to all the configuration and management tools for a results page.

This screen is accessed by clicking on a results page name or selecting the configuration menu option from a search package listing.

The results page management screen is composed of several regions, which perform different functions. Some of these are highlighted below:

manage results page
  1. Results page information: This panel provides information such as the results page ID, the parent search package and also provides a search box that allows you to run a quick search using the preview or live version of the results page.

  2. Customize results page template: Provides access to Freemarker templates and web resources.

  3. Customize results page settings: Provides access to all the configuration for the results page.

  4. Analytics and reporting: Search usage, accessibility and content reports.

  5. Tuning: Tools that can be used to adjust and fine tune the search ranking.

  6. Delete results page: Deletes the results page. Use with caution.

  7. Results page plugins: Lists the plugins that are enabled on this results page and enables you to edit the configuration of those plugins.

  8. Results page indicator: Indicates that you are currently managing a results page.

  9. Edit details: Edit the result page name and thumbnail.

Results page information

The results page information panel provides information about the results page:

Results page ID

The results page ID used to identify the results page. It is used in conjunction with the search package ID.

Search package

This is the parent search package for the results page.


A quick search of the results page can be run directly from this search box. The search can use either the preview or live version of the results page.

Customize results page template

Edit results page templates

Manage Freemarker templates that are defined for the results page.

Edit web resources

Manage web resources hosted for this results page. This can include linked images, CSS and Javascript files.

It is often preferable to manage linked web resources in a CDN or in your CMS.
Publish all unpublished changes

Clicking this publishes any unpublished changes to templates or web resources.

Customize results page settings

The results page settings panel provides access to all the different configuration screens for the results page. This includes configuration for most front-end features.

Edit results page configuration

Manage the advanced configuration settings for this results page. This is where you set the results page’s individual configuration settings.

Customize faceted navigation

Configures the faceted navigation that is provided with the search results.

Customize synonyms

Configure the synonyms that are applied when searching using this results page.

Customize best bets

Configure the best bets that are returned for this results page.

Customize curator

Define the curator rules applied to searches using this results page.

Analytics and reporting

View query reports

Access the search usage analytics for this results page.

View accessibility auditor

Access the accessibility auditor report for this results page.

View content auditor

Access the content auditor report for this results page.

View data reports

Access the data reports for this results page. (Only available if the search package includes a web data source).

Edit analytics email settings

Configure the analytics email notification settings.


Includes tools that can be used to adjust and fine tune the search ranking.

Edit tuning data

Define a set of queries and their best answers to use to auto-tune the ranking algorithm.

Tune search ranking

Starts a tuning run (requires tuning data to have been input).

View tuning results

Inspect the results of previous tuning runs.

SEO auditor

Understand why a certain result is (or is not) returned when a particular query is input.

Delete results page

Delete results page

Removes the results page including all configuration and data permanently.