Push data source limitations and API limits

Incompatible features

Push data sources do not support the following XML special configuration options:

However, XML document splitting is supported via the filter chain when using the split XML or HTML plugin.

If individual records are removed from a feed that is resubmitted you will need to also delete the individual items in the push index because they are indexed with the split document’s assigned URL.

Push does not support kill configuration (kill_exact.cfg and kill_partial.cfg) as the push API includes native support for this functionality.

Push does not support deprecated update workflow (i.e. pre/post commands).

API rate and data limits

Push data sources do not impose any specific limit on the size of each individual document, however some subsystems do, and practical limits apply in a number of areas. The different limits are presented below and the smallest applicable value applies:

  • In the Squiz DXP and Funnelback legacy pods a file upload limit of 20MB applies.

  • The Jetty web server imposes a maximum file size limit of 50MB. The default value can be altered by a system administrator by editing the $SEARCH_HOME/web/conf/contexts-https/funnelback-push-api.xml file. Please note that any changes to this file will be overwritten when upgrading between Funnelback versions.

URLs of up to 2000 characters are supported. URLs longer than 2000 characters are likely to cause problems in client or proxy systems and should be avoided.

Access to the Push API is rate limited in the Squiz DXP and legacy pods to 60 requests/min.