Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2018-08-30

  • Applies to: v15.16.0

  • Internal reference: SUPPORT-2722


The default Facebook crawler requested information that required the page to be created by the same user that provided the application access token. The best_page & parent_page page fields are no longer available and the crawler will now function without escalated permissions.

Affected files

  • lib/java/all/funnelback-social-media.jar


  • (Windows) Stop currently running crawls.

  • Stop the Jetty web server and the Funnelback daemon.

  • Deploy the provided files on top of an existing install, backing up all replaced files.

  • Start the Jetty web server and the Funnelback daemon.

  • (Windows) Start crawls as needed.

  • Perform an update on the funnelback_documentation collection to ensure the most accurate results.