Funnelback 6.0.1 release notes


Bug fixes

  • Better control of super-user selection when going through the administration user interface first run process.

  • Creation of custom.form files fixed.

  • Fixed checks in file manager rule deletion (was previously not checking the user specific configuration).

  • Document level security log was created in such a way that only the first message to it was ever logged - Fixed.

  • Deleting a collection now removes management permission for that collection name from all users.

  • Deleting a collection could result in a collection with an internal name which was a super-string of the original having it’s lock and state files deleted (if it was being updated at the time)- Fixed.

  • .dist file in the share directory were not copied to their non-dist names automatically except in the Red Hat installation.

  • Links to help pages shown during the installation procedure were out of date.

  • Errors were displayed in the web server log (or broke page display in the case of Sun One web server) when changing user passwords - Fixed.