Funnelback 6.0.2 release notes

Released: 13 May 2007

New features

  • Simple incremental filecopy system, including improved Windows update support.

  • crawler.frontier_use_ip_mapping feature to protect virtually hosted sites form overloading.

  • Improvement of xlHtml on Windows (including suppression of error pop-ups).

  • Allow for backslashes in Funnelback user names to support windows domain users.

  • Option to specify a URL prefix to be prepended for each result in a file-copy or local collection.

Bug fixes

  • Corrected handling of collection names with apostrophes.

  • Simplification of user permissions.

  • Improved handling of upper case metadata classes.

  • Fixed scheduling of updates on unix based platforms.

  • Fixed query expansion functionality on Windows.

  • Fixed some collection editing options which did not have changes applied correctly.

  • Fixed xml.cgi spelling suggestions which were not displayed on Windows.

  • Improved rss.cgi support on Windows.

  • Protection from rare 'divide by zero' errors during report updating.

Other changes

  • Removed basic collection view (now always uses summary mode).