Troubleshooting result collapsing

Results are not being collapsed

Check to ensure result collapsing is enabled.

  • Try adding &collapsing=on to your search URL. If this resolves the problem then you need to ensure that -collapsing=on is is added to the query_processor_options for your results page.

Check what collapsing signature is being applied

  • Check your results page configuration (and query URL) for the collapsing_sig parameter. This tells Funnelback what your search results should be grouped on and must be passed to the query either as a query_processor_option set in your results page configuration, or in your search URL as a request parameter.

  • If you have a collapsing signature defined check your data sources to ensure that the corresponding collapsing index is being generated (see below)

Check to see if the collapsing indexes are being created

  • Result collapsing requires the collapsing groups to be pre-defined in the configuration of the data sources. Check the data source configuration for any data source that includes information that you wish to include in collapsing groups and ensure there is an indexing.collapse_fields setting defined.

  • If indexing.collapse_fields is defined check the Step-BuildCollapsingSignatures.log file for the data source and look for any errors. Check the log that is in the live log files if you had a successful update and are viewing the live search. Check the log in offline log files if you are investigating an update that failed.