Delete or detach a data source

Detach a data source from a search package

Detaching a data source removes a data source from a search package so that results will no longer include items from the data source. Note: this does not delete the data source.

  1. From the search dashboard home page locate your search search package in the main listing.

  2. Click on the data sources tab for the search package.

  3. Locate the data source that you wish to detach.

  4. Select detach data source from the configuration (cog) menu for the relevant data source.

  5. A dialog box confirming the detach will appear. Click the detach search package button to confirm.

Delete a data source

Deleting a data source removes it completely from Funnelback.

Deleting a data source will permanently remove the data source from Funnelback and will also automatically detach the data source from any search packages that include the data source that is being deleted.
  1. Select manage data sources from the navigation panel.

  2. Locate the desired data source then select delete data source from the cog menu.

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