Auto-completion widget - data set display configuration

The following options can be used within auto-completion data set configuration to adjust various aspects of the data set display:

  • group: Controls if suggestions should be grouped within a data set column by the CSV category field.

  • group order: Defines the order of groupings if suggestion grouping is enabled.

  • item group: Controls the name of the field used for grouping of suggestions.

  • item label: Controls the field to display in the search input after a suggestion is selected.

  • name: The value to display as the data set heading.

  • sort: Defines the sort order for auto-completion suggestions.

  • template: Defines how the suggestion should be templated (for structured auto-completion).

  • template merge: Controls if headers and footers are displayed for not found and pending templates.

Experimental display settings (for search-based auto-completion)

The following options are for an experimental faceted-autocompletion data set type and should not be used at the moment:

  • facets: Contains the configuration for faceted auto-completion.

  • facets - blacklist: Controls which facets to ignore when producing faceted auto-completion.

  • facets - show: Controls the number of facet categories to show per facet.

  • facets - URL: Allows a custom URL to be prefixed to the links produced for the faceted auto-completion suggestions.

  • facets - whitelist: If set, only the defined facets will be used for producing auto-completion.