Search packages, data sources and results pages

Every search provided by Funnelback contains a number of components that come together to form the search.

Search packages

A search package is used to provide search across one or more data sources. It packages up the set of data sources into a searchable bundle and provides the different search pages used to display the search results that are retrieved from the index.

A search package is similar to a meta collection from older versions of Funnelback

Data sources

A data source contains configuration and indexes relating to a set of information resources such as web pages, documents or social media posts.

Each data source implements a gatherer (or connector) that is responsible for connecting to the content repository and gathering the information to include in the index.

A data source is similar to a non-meta collection from older versions of Funnelback.

Results pages

A results page contains configuration and templating relating to a search results page provided by Funnelback.

Results page configuration includes:

  • Templating for the search results

  • Display settings that define properties about what is displayed by Funnelback (e.g. what metadata fields to return, how to sort the search results).

  • Ranking settings that define how the order of search results will be determined.

  • Feature configuration such as faceted navigation, auto-completion and extra searches that will be used to supplement the search results.

Reporting such as usage analytics, content and accessibility auditing is also produced for each search page

A results page is similar to a service-enabled profile from older versions of Funnelback.