Funnelback 14.2.2 release notes

Released: 29th April 2015

14.2.2 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Added support for configuring the Jetty webserver keystore via global.cfg.

  • Provided additional documentation and examples configuring Funnelback’s embedded web server.

  • Improved performance for Push collection operations.

  • Improved error case handling for missing faceted navigation files in configuration upgrades.

  • Added additional troubleshooting options for Push collections.

  • Fixed redirect bug in content auditor which could create a loop if deployed by a load balancer with a different port configuration.

  • Fixed redirect bug in SEO Auditor which was preventing use of queries with some operators.

  • Reduced unnecessary/repetitive warnings in indexer logs.

  • Fixed problem which disallowed access to Content Auditor when the jetty port and actual port differed.

  • Fixed handling of external metadata files with values containing a colon character.

  • Fixed filtering of binary document types such as PDFs and Word documents in Push collections.

  • Fixed handling of regular expression characters in reports for facet categories.

  • Fixed a Memory leak in Push when using custom filters.

14.2.2 - Upgrade Issues

  • Although the index format is unchanged in 14.2.2, earlier versions of Funnelback will not operate correctly with indexes generated by 14.2.2. This would not affect a normal upgrade process, but may be relevant in a half-upgraded multi-server setup or an upgrade rollback scenario.

14.2.2 - Errata

  • Some reports of Funnelback services failing to start correctly in some environments have been received. Applying the workaround described at to service files in INSTALL_DIRECTORY/services/ appears to resolve the issue in some cases, and this change is being evaluated as a future product default. Please also note that this issue appears to occur more commonly where the Scientific Linux operating system is used. Switching to one of Funnelback’s officially supported operating systems may also resolve the issue.


Type Release version Description

3 Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where the user editing interface for a user with no permitted collections would be presented with all collections selected, rather than none.

3 Bug fixes

Upgrades the Jetty web server to the latest 9.2.x version to fix a buffer bleed vulnerability.

3 Bug fixes

Fixes a bug which caused collections with @groovy directories in conf to have the collection root directories removed when being updated (every third time gathering occurs).

3 Bug fixes

Fixes a bug with Push where it would create errant Vaccum tasks while the push collection was shutting down.

3 Bug fixes

Fixes a bug where a small number of autocompletion possibilities were not considered.

3 Bug fixes

Provides substantial improvements to the Push API response times.