Configuring a push data source

Your search data sources need to be configured after they have been created and a push data source is no different.

Before you start adding any content to your push data source you should:

  • Define metadata mappings and XML field configuration

  • Configuring your index settings

  • Set up gscopes and QIE

If you make any of the above changes to a push data source that already includes content you will need to re-index the push data source.

Anchor text

Anchor (link) text is an important source of ranking evidence. If your push data source includes HTML content you should set the following in the results page settings of any search package that includes the push index.

From the parent search package, for each results page that is includes the push index edit the results page configuration and add the -anniemode=3 to the existing query processor options:

Configuration key Value

Query processor options

<existing options> -anniemode=3

Using plugins and filters with a push data source

Data source plugins can be enabled on a push data source in a similar manner to other data sources.

If the plugin provides a filter you will need to ensure that this is supplied in the filters parameter when you call the push API to add or update content in the index.

If you enable any data source plugins, or change the filters your are using after content is already included in the push index you will need resubmit all existing content via the API, specifying the full set of filters to run, if you wish the updated filters to be applied to any of this content.