Configuration file manager

The configuration file manager is a web-based interface for managing the configuration files for your search. The configuration file manager allows you to:

  • edit files

  • download files from the Funnelback server to your local computer

  • delete selected files

  • restore backup files to their original name

  • upload files from your local computer to the Funnelback server

The configuration file editor provides two ways of managing your configuration:

  1. Using the configuration file manager in the search dashboard

  2. Using a WebDAV client on your local computer to add your Funnelback server as a network drive.

Accessing the configuration file editor

The configuration file manager is accessed on the management screen for the data source, search package or results page that you are managing.

To access the configuration file manager click the browse data source files, browse results page files or browse search package files link from the setting panel on your management screen.

Editing a configuration file

Once in the configuration file manager, locate the file you wish to edit and click on the name to edit the file.

Editing a file will open the content in an on-screen text editor.

To save the file click the save button.

A backup will automatically be created unless you switch off the retain a backup of the original file option located adjacent to the save button.

Creating a new configuration file

To create a new configuration file click the add new button then select the configuration file that you wish to create.

Uploading a configuration file

To upload a configuration file from your computer, click the upload files and follow the on-screen prompts to select the file(s) to upload.

The configuration file manager has strict rules controlling the files that can be uploaded to the server. When uploading, make sure your files are named correctly and any configuration files are in a valid format. Files that are rejected will result in an error message being displayed.

Restoring a configuration file from a backup

To restore a backup toggle the show backup files switch (located adjacent to the upload button) to on. This will update your file listing to also show any backup files that have been created.

This will enable you to view or download the backup file.

To restore a backup you click the restore button to replace the existing configuration file with the selected backup.