This feature is not available in the Squiz DXP.
  • Name: meta-names.xml

  • Location: $SEARCH_HOME/conf/meta-names.xml


Used for customizing the advice which SEO Auditor provides (e.g. a university might have a policy about using/not-using some specific type of metadata so they might want to add/remove information about the specific metadata they care about.


Standard XML


The file contents would typically look something like:

      <longTitle>the document title</longTitle>
      <improvementSuggestion>Try adding more occurrences of the query term to the document title.</improvementSuggestion>
      <shortTitle>click associated queries</shortTitle>
      <longTitle>click associated queries</longTitle>
      <improvementSuggestion>The document would match the query better if it were clicked on for more queries that contain the query term. Try improving the attractiveness of the result - make sure the title is descripive, and that the document has appropriate meta description tags.</improvementSuggestion>