Contextual navigation (related searches)

Contextual navigation suggests a list of related searches by analyzing the result summaries in the set of results returned for a search.

These suggestions are grouped into types and topics related to the original search query.

For example, if a user performed a search for pork the related searches suggested may include types of pork such as pork chops and pork belly as well as topics on pork.

Clicking on a suggestion runs a proximity search for the suggested words. A proximity search looks for matching results where the suggested words are close to each other in the text.

related searches contextual navigation 01

When to use contextual navigation

Use contextual navigation for:

  • Suggesting related search queries alongside your set of search results, to assist users of your search to find the answers that they are seeking by suggesting queries that match the language of your content.

  • Providing search refinement options when your search data doesn’t include any appropriate structured information (such as metadata) to produce faceted navigation.

Site suggestions, while still available, are rarely used and are turned off by default. If you wish to have the ability to filter your search results by site we recommend using Faceted navigation which provides similar functionality with a lot more control.