Plugin: Tabs - set default


Use this plugin when you are using tab facets and need to specify a default tab to select.

When using tabbed faceted navigation, the default behavior is to automatically select the all results tab if no other tab is select. This plugin provides an additional option allowing you to change this default.


Enable the plugin

  1. Select Plugins from the side navigation pane and click on the Tabs - set default tile.

  2. From the Location section, select the results page to which you would like to enable this plugin from the Select a results page select list.

The plugin will take effect as soon as you finish running through the plugin setup steps.

Configuration settings

The configuration settings section is where you do most of the configuration for your plugin. The settings enable you to control how the plugin behaves.

The configuration key names below are only used if you are configuring this plugin manually. The configuration keys are set in the results page configuration to configure the plugin. When setting the keys manually you need to type in (or copy and paste) the key name and value.

Default tab to select

Configuration key


Data type



This setting is optional

Defines the name of the tab (case-sensitive) that you wish to select when no other tab selections have been made.

This plugin requires the tab facet to be named Tabs.


Change the default selected tab

In this example, the courses tab will be automatically selected if no other tabs have been previously selected.


  • A search package with 3 data sources; example~websites, example~courses and example~events-web.

  • A tabbed facet has been configured with the following categories:

    • All results which returns documents from all data sources.

    • Websites which returns documents from the example~websites data source.

    • Courses which returns documents from the example~courses data source.

    • Events which returns documents from the example~events data source.

Configure the plugin as follows to select the courses tab when no other tabs have been selected:

Configuration key name Value

Default tab to select


Change log



  • Updated to the latest version plugin framework (Funnelback shared v16.20) to enable integration with the new plugin management dashboard.