Facet types - filter on multiple categories


This is sometimes referred to multi-select or checkbox faceting.

Allows a user to filter the result set using multiple categories from the same facet. The categories can be combined using either AND or OR logic.


In this example the industry facet is defined as a multi-select facet using the default OR combine logic.

Running a search for engineer returns:

the location facet has been collapsed in the examples so that the industry facet is visible in the screenshots.

Selecting the engineering category value from the industry facet results in the search results being filtered to only include jobs categorised as engineering. This is the same behaviour as for a filter on single category facet.


The display updates to show that the engineering category filter is applied, but allows additional categories to be added. Selecting the sales category adds this filter so that the result set is now filtered to return results that are categorised as engineering OR sales.

For most facets an OR combine logic will give the desired behaviour, however this can be chosen when defining the facet and changed so that the categories are combined with an AND.


Add or edit a multiple category facet


The attributes that must be defined for a multiple category facet are:

  • Name: Unique name identifying the facet. This name is presented as the heading for the facet.

  • Category values sourced from: This defines the source of the category values. See: category sources

  • Category matching logic: This controls how multiple selected categories are combined.

  • Category sort: Defines how the categories are sorted. See: sorting facet category values

Multiple category facet properties

The following properties define a multiple category facet, and the information can be used when converting a facet to a multiple category facet.

  • Selection type: multiple values

  • Scope: original query and other facets

See: custom facets for explanation of all the fields.

Data model definition

A filter on multiple categories facet has the following data model properties:

  • selectionType: MULTIPLE


  • guessedDisplayType: CHECKBOX