Search dashboard indicates that the last successful update was never or a long time ago

Last update date shows never

When the search dashboard shows a last successful update status of never this indicates the data source has never been updated.

This normally occurs if the data source has been set up, but hasn’t been updated.

To resolve this issue run an update of the data source, either by manually starting or scheduling an update.

Last update date indicates an update hasn’t occurred recently

The search dashboard will normally show a date in the last successful update column of the data source table. This indicates when the last successful update of the data source was started.

This is normally a result of the data source having an update schedule configured.

To resolve this issue:

  • Check to see if the data source is scheduled to update. There should be a sensible date displayed in the next scheduled update column. If this displays none scheduled or the date is not what you expect then edit the schedule for updating the data source and either add a scheduled update, or edit the existing schedule. The update scheduler is access from the update menu for the data source, or from the update panel on the data source management screen.

  • Check the data source update logs to see if there was a problem that occurred during an update (see: Search dashboard shows an update failed status for a data source).

    a failed update should result in an error status being displayed but occasionally an update can finish successfully and there still be a problem recorded.