Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2017-02-09

  • Applies to: v15.8.0

  • Internal reference: SUPPORT-2371 SUPPORT-2369 FUN-9651 SUPPORT-2370 FUN-9686


Fixes an issue with anchors not being preserved in the displayUrl node of the data model.

Fixes an issue where Analytics would remove the anchor separator from the URL.

Fixes an issue where date sorting in the query processor would not sort future dates correctly.

Affected files

  • lib/java/all/funnelback-reporting.jar: Contains the Analytics anchor fix.

  • bin/padre-sw: Contains the sorting fix (Linux only).

  • bin/padre-sw.exe: Contains the sorting fix (Windows only).

  • lib/java/all/funnelback-common.jar: Contains the data model anchor fix.

  • web/webapps/funnelback-publicui.war: Contains the data model anchor fix.


  • Stop the Jetty web server.

  • Deploy the provided files on top of an existing install, for your operating system.

  • As patches are cumulative, apply deployment instructions from previous patches.

  • Start the Jetty web server.