Funnelback 12.4.0 release notes

Released: 4 April 2013

12.4.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • The field userId in the Modern UI data model has been renamed to userIdToLog. Hook scripts must be updated accordingly.

12.4.0 - New Features

  • Introduced a 'read only mode' for Funnelback administration to assist in managing redundant configurations.

  • Collection update statistics are now captured and reports on the composition of update time are available.

12.4.0 - Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Improved administration dashboard editing component for form files.

  • Analytics will now ignore invalid gzipped log files rather than aborting processing.

  • Failed analytics updates will now be reported via email to the collection administrator.

  • Instant updates now work correctly when WARCStore is used.

  • Index upgrading can now be performed in multiple threads to reduce the overall upgrade time on multi-code systems.

  • Resolved a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability when using corrupt facetScope values.

  • Fixed a null character handling issue the collection parameter.


Type Release version Description

3 Bug fixes

Fixes various DLS security flaws.