Control how the query is interpreted

Once the search query is put together and submitted there are various things that might modify or optimize the search query.

The features outlined here will make internal modifications to the words that have been input by the user.

Features that enhance or optimize the search query

  • Synonyms

    Use synonyms to overcome language differences between user and site, expand acronyms or automatically correct obvious spelling errors.

  • Curator

    Use curator to write rules that modify or personalize the query.

  • Stemming

    Use stemming to account for different word forms (such as work, works, working) in the search terms entered by the user.

  • Stop words

    Use stop words to remove low value words (such as and, the and a) from the search query.

  • Query blending

    Use query blending to broaden the result set to also include results for additional things such as spelling suggestions, US/UK word variants, synonyms.

Features that alter how the query is interpreted

  • Case-sensitive search

    Use this if you need to treat the search keywords as case-sensitive values (upper and lower case letters used in terms will affect the results that are returned).

  • Service volume

    Deprecated setting that was used for handling different volumes of queries.

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