Used to manually specify the preferred name for a particular server or set of servers.

To access the server alias configuration, open the data source configuration screen then select browse data source files.

If the server_alias.cfg file is listed in the file listing then click on it to edit the file. If it is not listed click the add new button to create a server_alias.cfg.

Alternatively you can use a WebDAV Client to edit this file directly.


A list of mappings, one per line, of the form:


Protocols can be explicit (e.g. ), otherwise the http protocol is assumed. Comments in the file are allowed by starting a line with the # character.

Table of Contents


# Specify that is always the preferred name,

During a crawl the web crawler may decide that one site is a duplicate of another by comparing the content of their root page e.g. may be marked as a duplicate of because their home pages are the same. This is done to avoid downloading a lot of duplicate content.

However, there may be a case where some content is only present on the old site and should still be gathered. If this is the case you can use the server_alias.cfg mechanism to ensure that the old site is still fully crawled and not marked as a duplicate e.g.

# Specify that content from should be stored under that name