Specifies a URL of the page containing the HTML web form for a pre-crawl form interaction rule.

Key: crawler.form_interaction.pre_crawl.[groupId].url
Type: String
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This parameter specifies the URL of a page which contains a HTML web form when using pre-crawl form interaction.

A [GROUP_ID] must be set when configuring this setting to link this to the other options for this rule (group ID must be a number).

In the pre crawl mode, the webcrawler logs in once at the start of the crawl in order to get a set of authentication cookie(s). These can then be used during the crawl in order to get access to authenticated content.

Configuration parameters for a rule are grouped using a [GROUP_ID] value common across all settings that make up the rule.

Default Value



Configure a form interaction rule that applies to