Class to use to store TRIM records.

Key: trim.store_class
Type: String
Can be set in: collection.cfg


Name of the C# class to use to store TRIM records. Possible values are:

  • Funnelback.TRIM.Store.ContinuousUpdatingStore: Store the records to a separate push data source, specified with trim.push.collection. That is the recommended value as it will store the records in an efficient WARC format and will made them searchable as soon as they are gathered.

  • Funnelback.TRIM.Store.FolderStore: Store the records in the TRIMPush data source itself, within the offline/data/<dbid> folder. The latter is usually used for testing purposes as each extracted records will be written in an individual XML file. It makes it easier to investigate and configure the metadata mappings, however it’s not recommended in production as indexing all those individual files is slower.

Default Value

By default records are stored to a push data source



Store records in the data folder of the TRIMPush data source