PaDRE (Parallel Document Retrieval Engine)


PADRE is the Funnelback "engine." It indexes the documents from a collection and queries those indexes. PADRE is, in fact, several programs. The main ones being:


is the indexing checker program. It is a utility used for validating indexes.


is the program for showing stored document information, including metadata.


is the program for adjusting flag bits - See Document Flags.


is the indexing program. It reads the text files gathered during an update and creates the search indexes.


is the program used for query auto completion.


is the program for displaying the contents of the results file.


is the search program. It parses the CGI parameters and executes the user’s query, returning XML results.

Index age

You can tell how old an index is by looking at the XML results for a search (search.xml) and looking at the collectionUpdated element:

<collectionUpdated>Tue Jul 31 11:24:47 2012</collectionUpdated>

The same information is also available in the index_time file in: