query-gscopes.cfg defines a set of generalized scopes that are applied based on the results returned by a set of queries.


gscopes can be used in numerous ways to narrow down searches to particular sub-parts of a collection. The query-gscopes.cfg file is used to set specified gscope flags on all documents which match the queries specified within the file.


A text file, with one gscope definition per line.


An alpha-numeric ASCII string no longer than 64 characters. White space and all other punctuation is not permitted. GSCOPE-ID values starting with Fun in any upper or lower case form are reserved for internal use only.


a Funnelback search query, expressed using the Funnelback query language.

  • GSCOPE-ID values can be used more than once with different queries. The resulting gscope within the index will include the documents that match any of the supplied queries.

  • QUERY-LANGUAGE-EXPRESSION values can be used more than once with different GSCOPE-ID values. Any document within the index will be tagged with all matching GSCOPE-ID values.

  • GSCOPE-ID values specified in the query-gscopes.cfg are combined with any URL pattern based entries from gscopes.cfg. The resulting gscope within the index will include all documents that have either has a URL that matches a regular expression defined in gscopes.cfg or a query defined in query-gscopes.cfg.

  • Invalid GSCOPE-ID values will be skipped when an update runs and the matching rule will be excluded from the index. This will only raise a warning in the Step-SetGsopes.log.


Set gscope org on documents containing the term enterprise or organization, and gscope public on documents containing both public and internet.

org [enterprise organization]
public public internet

Note that the same gscope may be specified multiple times with different queries if necessary.

See also

  • Gscopes which allows gscopes to be set based on URL patterns rather than queries