Synonyms: data model

Synonyms are not directly displayed in the Funnelback data model.

You can view the effect of a synonym being applied by comparing the following data model elements:

For the example below there is a defined synonym cilantro → [coriander cilantro]

  "question": {},
  "response": {
    "resultPacket": {
      "query": "cilantro", (1)
      "queryAsProcessed": "[coriander cilantro]", (2)
1 response.resultPacket.query: This is the query that was input by the user
2 response.resultPacket.queryAsProcessed: This is the query that was run, after any transformations (including synonyms) were applied.
While the queryAsProcessed will reflect any applied synonyms, it also will show the effects of other changes to the query which can be affected by other parts of the system.

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