Analyse and understand your content

Funnelback provides various analytics and auditing tools to give you insights on what people are searching for and to better help you understand and audit your content.

Getting started

Marketing dashboard overview

The marketing dashboard provides access to the analytics and audit reports for your search.

What do you want to do?

Understand how my search is used

Search usage analytics provide information about the users of your search - what they are searching for, where they are located and what they are clicking on.

Better understand my content

Content auditor analyses your web content and reports on metadata, duplicates and other content-related features.

Check my web and PDF content for WCAG accessibility

Accessibility auditor reports on WCAG accessibility compliance of HTML and PDF content.

Understand why a particular search result is returned for a given query

The SEO auditor displays information about the information properties of a result and can be use to help understand why a document is returned at a specific result number for a given query.

Troubleshooting analytics and reporting