Facet types - filter on a single category, with drilldown


This is sometimes referred to as a hierarchical facet.

Allows a user to filter the result set using a single category value chosen from the facet. After the filter is applied sub-categories may be displayed for the facet.


In this example the location facet is defined as a filter on single category facet with drilldown.

Searching for 'engineer' jobs:


Selecting the VIC category value from the location facet results in the search results being filtered to only include jobs located in Victoria. This is the same behaviour as for a filter on single category facet.


However further sub-category selection from the type facet for cities is now possible.


Selecting Bendigo from the sub-categories on the location facet further restricts the results to now only include results from Bendigo. Further refinement is possible if additional sub-category metadata is defined (for this example the type facet has been refined as much as possible).

Further refinement on other facets is possible.

Add or edit a single category with drilldown facet


The attributes that must be defined for a single category with drilldown facet are:

  • Name: Unique name identifying the facet. This name is presented as the heading for the facet.

  • Category values sourced from: This defines the source of the category values. See: category sources

  • Category sort: Defines how the categories are sorted. See: sorting facet category values

Single category with drilldown facet properties

The following properties define a single category with drilldown facet, and the information can be used when converting a facet to a single category with drilldown facet.

  • Selection type: one value at a time

  • Category matching logic: all selected values

  • Scope: current search results

See: custom facets for explanation of all the fields.

Data model definition

A filter on a single category with drill down facet has the following data model properties:

  • selectionType: SINGLE

  • constraintJoin: AND


  • guessedDisplayType: SINGLE_DRILL_DOWN