URLStore reported no documents stored


This error occurs if the web crawler is unable to access any of the configured start URLs.

Error message

Displayed in the crawler.log file.

Coordinator: WARNING - URLStore reported no documents stored!


This means the web crawler couldn’t access any of the specified start URLs.


  1. Confirm that the data source’s start URLs are valid and return a status 200 (OK). e.g. attempt to access the failed URL using your web browser.

  2. Examine entries for the start URLs in the data source crawl logs (crawl.log.*, url_errors.log).

    Common issues include:

    • The URL was temporarily unavailable

    • robots.txt file on webserver blocking access

    • The start URL redirects to another URL that doesn’t match any include patterns

    • The start URL requires authentication

  3. Correct the error and then update the data source