Configuration keys - variable substitution

Configuration keys (search package, data source, results page, server) sometimes include some variables that are expanded dynamically by Funnelback.

These variables are used to prevent the hard-coding of certain values that may change.

It is unlikely you will need to use any of these. The following is presented for reference purposes and the variables are most likely to be observed in older configurations when performing an upgrade, or within system-level configuration which can only be accessed by Funnelback system administrators.


The following variables can be used within the values of a subset of configuration keys when editing the search package, data source or results page configuration.

When you save a configuration key from the Configuration keys list below, variables will also be inserted if they match a substring in the key’s value. If you save a key with the value /opt/funnelback/conf/common-misspellings.txt.default it will be saved as $SEARCH_HOME/conf/common-misspellings.txt.default.

This is replaced with the data source ID or search package ID for the current data source or search package.


This is replaced with the Funnelback installation home path. (usually /opt/funnelback/)


(deprecated) This is used in workflow commands (pre_* and post_* keys) and is replaced with either 'live' or 'offline' depending on the context of the command.


(deprecated) This is used in workflow commands (pre_* and post_* keys) when executing a Groovy script and is replaced with the system path to Groovy.


post_index_command=$SEARCH_HOME/bin/padre-gs $SEARCH_HOME/data/$COLLECTION_NAME/$CURRENT_VIEW/idx/index $SEARCH_HOME/conf/$COLLECTION_NAME/gscopes.cfg

Configuration keys

Variable substitution is supported within the values of the following configuration keys.

  • auth.admin.saml.keystore-path

  • auth.publicui.saml.keystore-path

  • crawler.start_urls_file

  • encryption.keyset-handle-provider-class

  • ephemeral.crawler.checkpoint_to

  • ephemeral.crawler.logdir

  • ephemeral.crawler.secondary_store_root

  • ephemeral.data_root

  • filecopy.source

  • filecopy.source_list

  • filter.jsoup.undesirable_text-source.*


  • indexer

  • indexing.additional-metamap-source.*

  • java_libraries

  • post_archive_command

  • post_collection_create_command

  • post_collection_create_script

  • post_delete-list_command

  • post_delete-prefix_command

  • post_gather_command

  • post_index_command

  • post_instant-gather_command

  • post_instant-index_command

  • post_meta_dependencies_command

  • post_push_index_command

  • post_recommender_command

  • post_reporting_command

  • post_swap_command

  • post_update_command

  • pre_archive_command

  • pre_delete-list_command

  • pre_delete-prefix_command

  • pre_gather_command

  • pre_index_command

  • pre_instant-gather_command

  • pre_instant-index_command

  • pre_meta_dependencies_command

  • pre_push_index_command

  • pre_recommender_command

  • pre_report_command

  • pre_reporting_command

  • pre_swap_command

  • query_processor

  • security.earlybinding.locks-keys-matcher.ldlibrarypath


  • security.earlybinding.user-to-key-mapper.groovy-class

  • service.title

  • service_name

  • trim.web_server_work_path

  • ui.integration_url

  • ui.modern.extra_searches

  • workflow.publish_hook

  • workflow.publish_hook.batch

  • workflow.publish_hook.meta