Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2015-09-30

  • Applies to: v14.2.3

  • Internal reference: SUPPORT-1856


Fixes Facebook collections, by reconfiguring restfb to point to instead of

Affected files

  • lib/java/all/funnelback-social-media.jar

  • lib/java/all/restfb-1.14.0.jar

  • share/custom_collection_templates/custom_gather.groovy.facebook


  • funnelback-social-media.jar has ended up in both bin and lib/java/all. Please delete the bin version (as well as overwriting the lib/java/all one with the funnelback-social-media.jar from this patch.

  • Please delete older versions of restfb from lib/java/all

  • This patch only updates the default facebook gather script, so if you have existing facebook gather scripts, you will need to either recreate them from this template, or merge in the differences yourself.

  • As patches are cumulative, apply deployment instructions from previous patches.