Specifies the time interval at which to renew crawl authentication cookies.

Key: crawler.monitor_authentication_cookie_renewal_interval
Type: Integer
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This optional parameter specifies the time interval at which to renew authentication cookies in a web crawl, in seconds. For example, a value of 1800 would mean the webcrawler would renew the cookies every 30 minutes. This would normally be done by using the pre-crawl form interaction, using configuration defined in crawler.form_interaction.pre_crawl.[groupId].url to generate the cookies.

You should only use this parameter if using pre-crawl form interaction (as configured by crawler.form_interaction.pre_crawl.[groupId].url).

Default Value


The default behaviour is not to renew the cookies.


If you know that your site’s authentication cookies expire every 3 hours then you might specify that the crawler should renew the cookies every 2.5 hours (4500 seconds) e.g.