Funnelback 15.8.0 release notes

15.8.0 - New features

  • Introduced a redesigned facet editing interface.

15.8.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Introduced support for HP RM 8.2+

  • Introduced query-gscopes.cfg configuration file allowing gscopes to be set based on a query (without the need for facets).

  • Removed legacy 'htpasswd' files and associated scripts. This fixes an issue where password resets could be overwritten by subsequent user password changes.

  • Improved the compatibility of component collections in meta collections. Padre indexes are no longer made incompatible by varying gscopes, number of metadata classes or the type of metadata classes.

  • Padre recency ranking feature is now based on proximity to the current date, in general the closer the date the higher the score.

  • A new filtering framework has been introduced that is more flexible while simpler to implement.

  • Push has V2 API content calls which allow for multiple values per metadata key.

  • Push PUT document API calls are now able to take even more advantage of multiple CPUs.

  • Implemented a limit on image scaling input to prevent potential OOM situations.

  • Errors from Funnelback’s search interface are now logged per collection (under web/log/ on windows and data/coll-name/log elsewhere) rather than in one shared log file.

  • Addressed a number of cross site scripting security issues.

  • Restructured product documentation, and improved the graphical design.

  • Facet template tags are now able to impose a display order on facets using orderedNames attribute.

  • Upgraded Freemarker library to 2.3.25 which provides some new template syntax - See

  • Introduced ability to compare curator configurations between live and preview.

  • Fixes/improvements to the web crawler’s form interaction support.

  • Migrated the functionality of a number of mediator (bin/*.pl) Perl scripts to Java.

  • Fixes a issue where perl publish hook scripts would not be correctly called for curator and synonyms on Windows.

  • Fixed an issue with collections not displaying the correct "last update" date

15.8.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • IsolatedFilterProvider is no longer supported. If this filter is used, filtering will still occur, but will not be isolated in a separate process.

  • FileTypeMappedFilterProvider is no longer supported.

  • JPEGJavaFilter and RTFJavaFilter are no longer provided. TikaFilterProvider is covering JPEG and RTF formats.

  • LotusFilterProvider and TextCleanupFilterProvider are no longer provided.

  • AbstractFilterProvider constructor parameters have changed. Previously (String collectionName, boolean inlineFilterEnabled) is now (File searchHome, CollectionId collectionId). If classes were inheriting from AbstractFilterProvider their constructor will need to be changed accordingly.

  • Post gather filtering ( is no longer supported, all filtering must be done inline.

  • Windows now uses symlinks for live/offline views. Existing collections will have symlinks created on upgrade. The Windows user which runs scheduled updates and users which run updates from the command line will need the permission SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege.

  • The JAVA_OPTS environment variable will no longer be respected by groovy commands in pre/post workflow commands.

  • Instant update delete for Filecopy collections no longer require encoding of the system URLs supplied similar to instant update add e.g. \\example\sp%20ce should be supplied as \\example\sp ace.

  • funnelback-reporting.jar has been moved from $SEARCH_HOME/bin/ to $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/all/.

  • Image scaling is now limited to input images less than 1MB by default. Set default_image_fetcher.max_source_image_bytes to a larger value in global.cfg during upgrade if required.