Sets the maxmimum size of padre-sw responses to process.

Key: ui.modern.padre_response_size_limit_bytes
Type: Integer
Can be set in: collection.cfg


This setting controls the maximum size of response which will be accepted from padre-sw (i.e. Funnelback’s query processing system). The limit is intended to prevent queries which would otherwise consume large amounts of query processor memory (e.g. queries with a very high num_ranks value) from affecting other requests.

Please note that this limit affects only the internal 'padre' response size, not the size of the final response to the search user.

Default Value


This default setting causes Funnelback to allow padre response sizes of up to 2.1GB (the historical limit).

Please note that this default limit may be reduced in a future Funnelback version as, in practice, it is rare for Funnelback’s web server to be allocated enough memory to process such a large query successfully.


To allow only 'normal' sized padre responses (80kb in this case)