Updating search analytics

Updating analytics reports

Search analytics for all results pages are automatically scheduled to run daily via a scheduled analytics update of the parent search package when the search package is first created

Reports need to be updated at least once before viewing, and updated for new data regularly. Updating analytics reports may take some time for search packages which have a high query volume.

Analytics updates are incremental by default - this means that only data since the last update will be processed for the report.

If any changes affecting historical data are made to the configuration (such as amendments to the reporting blacklist) a full analytics update will need to be run. To run a full update follow the instructions below for rebuilding the analytics database.

Scheduling analytics updates

Search analytics reports for individual search packages can be scheduled to occur automatically through Funnelback’s task scheduling feature.

A search package can be excluded from the scheduled analytics update by setting the analytics.scheduled_database_update search package configuration option to false.

Manual analytics updates

Analytics updates can be started from the search dashboard.

  1. Select the results page that you wish to update.

  2. Select update analytics now from the analytics and reporting options.

Rebuild analytics

The analytics in Funnelback is processed incrementally. If changes are made to any analytics settings that will affect historical information contained within the database then a full database rebuild is required for the changes to take effect.

Settings that require a rebuild of the database include:

  • analytics.data_miner.range_in_days

  • analytics.outlier.exclude_collection

  • analytics.outlier.exclude_profiles

  • analytics.outlier.day.minimum_average_count

  • analytics.outlier.day.threshold

  • analytics.reports.max_facts_per_dimension_combination

  • reporting_blacklist.cfg configuration changes


  1. Log in to the search dashboard and switch to the affected search package

  2. Edit the search package configuration and disable incremental analytics updates by adding the search package configuration option:

  3. Select update analytics now from the analytics tab.

  4. The analytics reports for the search package will contain data once the database has finished rebuilding. This can take a while for large search packages.

  5. During the rebuild messages are logged to $SEARCH_HOME/data/SEARCH_PACKAGE_NAME/log/update_reports.log

  6. Once the analytics build is finished reset the search package configuration by removing the configuration key added above, or by setting it to false: