This setting controls how results are determined to be duplicates within content auditor, based on Funnelback’s result collapsing feature.

Setting the key

Set this configuration key in the results page (preferred) or search package configuration.

Use the configuration key editor to add or edit the ui.modern.content-auditor.collapsing-signature key, and set the value. This can be set to any valid String value.

Default value


This default setting causes content auditor to consider two results to be duplicates if they contain the same set of indexed words.

Note that any setting used here must be among the set of collapsing signatures generated at indexing time. See indexing.collapse_fields for details.


To consider the binary document content for duplicate detection purposes, the following setting uses an MD5 hash generated by Funnelback’s filecopier system (note, this hash is mapped into the H metadata class in the default metadata mappings).


To consider documents to be duplicates if both the title and author are the same, the following setting could be used.