Specify the location of the SAML keystore (Admin interface).

Key: auth.admin.saml.keystore-path
Type: File
Can be set in: global.cfg


Set to the location of the java keystore which is used to store the private key Funnelback will use for SAML communications. For example $SEARCH_HOME/conf/samlAdminKeystore.jks. provides details on how this keystore can be created with java’s 'keytool' utility. This documentation also covers the creation of the private key described in auth.admin.saml.key-password, and configuring trust of certificates presented by other systems for SAML usage.

keytool may generate SHA-1 keys by default, which is considered deprecated and may not work with all identity providers. Make sure you choose an appropriate algorithm when creating keys with keytool.

⚠ Caveats

This setting requires Jetty to be restarted to take effect.