Spelling Blacklist

spelling-blacklist.cfg specifies a list of words or phrases which should never be presented as spelling suggestions.

To edit the spelling blacklist, browse to the search package that contains your results page and edit the search package configuration files.

Alternatively you can use a WebDAV Client to edit this file directly.


Occasionally, misspelled or otherwise inappropriate words or phrases may appear in the automatically generated suggestion lists used by the Funnelback query suggestion mechanism. You can avoid this by adding the problem words or phrases to the spelling blacklist using the editor interface, and rebuilding the spelling index.

Each entry that appeared in this list during the last index will not be suggested as a replacement query. Suppressing undesired suggestions increases the chance that useful suggestions will be made.


  • Changes made to this list will only be visible after the spelling index is rebuilt.

  • Spelling blacklists are supported on search packages, however because search packages are not updated, an update needs to be triggered on one of the component data sources for the blacklist to apply.


The list contains one query suggestion (word or phrase) per line, in lower case. Note that a line consisting of a single word will suppress that word as a suggestion but will not suppress phrases containing that word.


goverment policy
fedral goverment
new south whales