Specifies the secret used for protecting various internal and external endpoints.

Key: server_secret
Type: String
Can be set in: global.cfg


The secret used by Funnelback to authenticate with other Funnelback installations when setting up multiple query processors.

Default Value

A random value created by the installer.

server_secret=<random string>


If you have admin machine and multiple query processors you will likely need them to all share the same server_secrete to do this first set a shared server_secret in $SEARCH_HOME/conf/global.cfg

server_secret=<my newrandomstring>

After changing the server secret you must:

On Windows

  1. Run %SEARCH_HOME%\wbin\ActivePerl\Perl64\bin\Perl.exe %SEARCH_HOME%\bin\setup\

  2. Run %SEARCH_HOME%\wbin\ActivePerl\Perl64\bin\Perl.exe %SEARCH_HOME%\bin\ %SEARCH_HOME%\conf\ -S

On Linux

  1. Run $SEARCH_HOME/linbin/ActivePerl/bin/perl $SEARCH_HOME/bin/setup/

  2. Run $SEARCH_HOME/linbin/ActivePerl/bin/perl $SEARCH_HOME/bin/ $SEARCH_HOME/conf/ -S

On all platforms

Finally, restart each of the Funnelback services using the systemctl command or the Windows task scheduler as appropriate, or reboot the server. Note: No specific restart order is required, however each restart must complete before Funnelback will operate correctly.

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