Custom sorting of faceted navigation categories using a plugin

Funnelback currently only supports a single custom sorting plugin to be enabled for any results page.

A plugin that implements the search lifecycle interface and a custom comparator can be used to sort faceted navigation categories using a custom sorting algorithm.

User defined sort order

The facets-custom-sort-position plugin configures a user-defined order for categories to place at the start and end of the list of facet categories, with the unspecified categories being sorted using the secondary sort definition from the configuration.

See: Plugin: Faceted navigation categories - custom sort order for details information on how to use and configure this plugin.

Configuring a facet to use a custom sorting plugin

To configure custom sorting for a facet:

  1. enable the plugin that implements the custom sorting algorithm on your results page.

  2. Edit the faceted navigation configuration and select the facet to which you wish to apply the custom sort.

  3. Locate the category sort heading and choose custom as your sort option. Note that you can set a sort and sub-sort, so make sure you set the custom sort at the appropriate level.

e.g. to sort using the custom sort then have the remainder sort alphabetically

  • set first sort by to custom

  • set and then sort by to Label (A-Z)