Search result template changes saved but not displaying

If the search template has been saved but changes are not being reflected when a search is run:

  • Check that the template has been published.

  • Check the URL and verify that the correct collection/profile/form parameters are defined. The collection parameter must match your search package ID, and the profile parameter must match the results page ID, and should not be suffixed with _preview. The form parameter is optional but if included, must match your template name. If omitted, the template name is assumed to be simple.ftl.

  • Try adding a simple change (such as prefixing a title with some debug print) and publishing this to ensure that a simple change is displayed

  • Check the underlying data model to see that any required data is present

  • Check the modern UI logs for any errors generated when accessing the template

  • If the template change relates to a more specific piece of functionality (such as IncludeURL or curator), check that the feature is appropriately configured and not generating feature specific errors. Finally, check that the template includes appropriate code to render the feature.

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