Spelling Whitelist

spelling-whitelist.cfg specifies a list of words or phrases which should always be presented as spelling suggestions (if they match the input query).

To edit the spelling whitelist, browse to the search package that contains your results page and edit the search package configuration files.

Alternatively you can use a WebDAV Client to edit this file directly.


Some words or phrases may make desirable spelling suggestions or query completions even if they occur infrequently within the collection’s content. You can force such words or phrases to be available by adding them to the spelling whitelist using the standard interface.

A line in this list at the time the spelling index is built will be available (with quite high weighting) when Funnelback looks for replacement queries. This may be especially useful for terms such as 'accommodation' which can often be spelt incorrectly very frequently.


  • Changes made to this list will only be visible after the spelling index is rebuilt.


The list contains one query suggestion (word or phrase) per line, in lower case.


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