Troubleshooting search result and facet counts

This article provides advice on troubleshooting problems with result and facet counts.

Count accuracy

The counts displayed for the number of search results and faceted navigation category values are estimates that are calculated based on the result set.

The accuracy reduces as the index size becomes larger and this is a compromise that balances the count accuracy with the speed of returning the search results.

Why do my facet counts change when I select a facet category?

Faceted navigation counts can change when you select a category as the counts are produced in when the query runs and this is estimated based on the result set that is returned. Because of this, and the fact that accuracy is improved as the result set becomes smaller, the counts produced for facets can change when you make a category selection as this makes the query more specific resulting in a smaller result set.

Increasing the accuracy of counts

The accuracy of the counts can be increased by altering the -daat query processor option to consider more documents before producing the estimate.

However, increasing this may have an impact on the response time of the search results so the decision needs to balance performance against accuracy.

By default, Funnelback bases estimates off the first 5000 matching results (equivalent of setting -daat=5000.

To increase this, edit the results page configuration and modify/set the query processor options to include -daat, set to the number of results to consider.

e.g. to increase the DAAT limit to 100,000 documents add -daat=100000 to the query_processor_options in the results page configuration.