Search query report is empty

Problem description

The search analytics report is missing data for a period or is empty.


Empty search query reports could be caused by a number of things:

  • Ensure that you don’t have an ad-blocker enabled in your web browser as this can block your analytics reports. If you have an ad-blocker, either disable it or add an exclusion for your Funnelback admin server.

  • Ensure that analytics is scheduled to update. Check your results page to ensure it has a scheduled analytics update configured.

  • Ensure that you are viewing the search query report for the results page that receives the search queries (check the URL that is accessed when you run a query and look at the collection and profile parameters - this will indicate where the analytics are logged). The profile parameter indicates which results page holds the analytics. The collection parameter indicates which search package the results page resides within.

  • Ensure that queries are not being logged to a preview version of the results page - only live results page analytics are displayed in the insights dashboard. Check the profile parameter in the search URL and ensure it doesn’t end in _preview.

  • Check the update_reports.log of the search package that is logging the queries for any errors. Errors that may cause the analytics update to fail include:

    • Running out of memory (this can be increased using analytics.max_heap_size search package configuration option).

    • Corrupted log file lines (this may require some manual cleaning of log files).

  • Try manually updating analytics for the collection then check the update_reports.log.

  • The reporting blacklist and reporting stop words lists are used to exclude items from the analytics reports - check these to ensure that items are not being inadvertently excluded.

  • Check that scheduled analytics updates are not disabled for the search packagge. Check the search package configuration and ensure that the following line is not present (and set to false).