Funnelback patch

  • Released: 2015-04-20

  • Applies to: v14.2.1

  • Internal reference: FUN-7648 FUN-7622 FUN-7633 SUPPORT-1780 SUPPORT-1732 FUN-7652


Fixes a bug where the Index Merger sometimes fails.

Improves the logging of the indexer specifically for logging when external metadata is used as well as for storing metadata in the index.

Improves the indexer so that metadata that is associated with internally defined metadata classes are not stored in the index unless the metadata class is defined in metamap.cfg or xml.cfg. This is closer to previous versions of the indexer.

Improved the indexer so that values in XML elements that are not defined in xml.cfg do not default to metadata class k.

Affected files

  • annie-a.exe, annie-quicken.exe, build_autoc.exe, build_match_only_index.exe, build_spelling_index.exe, csv2ctest.exe, dump_annotation_file.exe, dump_autoc.exe, dump_suggestion_file.exe, FineTune.exe, get_cached_copy.exe, get_docnum_from_url.exe, get_url_from_component_document_pair.exe, get_url_from_docnum.exe, harvest_anchortext.exe, hierarchical_navpaths.exe, host_host_link_counts.exe, padre-arg-sw.exe, padre-cc.exe, padre-ct.exe, padre-cw.exe, padre-di.exe, padre-do.exe, padre-fl.exe, padre-gs.exe, padre-i4u.exe, padre-iw.exe, padre-mi.exe, padre-qi.exe, padre-qs.exe, padre-rf.exe, padre-show.exe, padre-sk.exe, padre-sr.exe, padre-sw.exe, pan-look.exe, phrasefinder.exe, QiTune.exe, show_annotations_for_doc.exe, SpellTune.exe, url_tagger.exe, cached_copy.dll, i4u.dll, libiconv-2.dll, libsecPluginTest.dll, qs.dll: Includes the improvements to the Indexer, Index Merger and other related binaries (Windows).

  • annie-a, annie-quicken, build_autoc, build_match_only_index, build_spelling_index, csv2ctest, dump_annotation_file, dump_autoc, dump_suggestion_file, FineTune, get_cached_copy, get_docnum_from_url, get_url_from_component_document_pair, get_url_from_docnum, harvest_anchortext, hierarchical_navpaths, host_host_link_counts, libcached_copy,, libi4u,, libqs,,,,, padre-arg-sw, padre-cc, padre-ct, padre-cw, padre-di, padre-do, padre-fl, padre-gs, padre-i4u, padre-iw, padre-mi, padre-qi, padre-qs, padre-rf, padre-show, padre-sk, padre-sr, padre-sw, pan-look, phrasefinder, QiTune, show_annotations_for_doc, SpellTune, url_tagger: Includes the improvements to the Indexer, Index Merger and other related binaries (Linux).


  • Stop Jetty web server.

  • Deploy all of the provided files on top of an existing install for your operating system. In multi server setups you must deploy all files for your operating system on all servers.

  • Start Jetty web server.

  • As patches are cumulative, apply deployment instructions from previous patches.