Selected security plugin for translating usernames into lists of document keys.

Key: security.earlybinding.user-to-key-mapper
Type: UserToKeyMapperTypes allowed values: MasterKey, Meta, Trim, Trim2, Groovy, Portal, ManifoldCF, ManifoldCFDebug, Sitecore or Moodle
Can be set in: collection.cfg

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This setting is used with document level security. It indicates the name of a security plugin which should be used at query time to map a given username into a list of keys which the user can use to unlock documents (usually group or permission names). Possible values are:

  • MasterKey: Special plugin for testing purposes: It will always pass a generic master key that will grant access to every document. Do not use in production!.

  • Meta: For Meta collections with sub-collection using document level security. This plugin will delegate the key mapping to the plugin of each sub-collection.

  • Trim: Deprecated.

  • Trim2: (For TRIMPush data sources) This plugin will connect to the TRIM repository and collect the security credentials of the user (Level, Caveats, ACLs, special bypasses) in a format compatible with TRIMPush collections.

  • Groovy: This plugin will call a Groovy class to retrieve the user keys. See security.earlybinding.user-to-key-mapper.groovy-class (collection.cfg) for more details.

  • Portal : This plugin will retrieve the user keys from an URL parameter named userkeys (e.g. http://server/s/search?collection=…​&userkeys=key1,key2). Note that this approach is not secure unless Funnelback can be accessed only through a portal, so that users cannot change the value of the userkeys parameter.

  • ManifoldCF: To be used with ManifoldCF enterprise connectors.

  • ManifoldCFDebug: A insecure plugin for debugging only.

  • Sitecore To be used with the Sitecore CMS. security.earlybinding.user-to-key-mapper.sitecore.service_url must be set to the Sitecore webservice endpoint URL used to retrieve the user roles.

Default Value



Use TRIM specific plugin: