Funnelback 10.1.0 release notes

Released: 7th December 2010

New Features

  • Early binding secured search for Windows NTFS and Novell Netware fileshares.

  • More flexible custom data sources and presentation for query completion.

  • Scripted workflow allowing simple, efficient content manipulation during filtering.

  • Crawler monitor graphs and URL information reporting.

  • Display plugin for presenting additional search result sets with differing search parameters.

Upgrade Issues

  • click.cgi URLs can no longer be generated by external systems. click.cgi URLs now require an authorization hash parameter, which Funnelback produces.

  • Better validation of query and click logs may result in a small decrease in reported counts, by eliminating corrupt log entries.

  • Web collections must be updated after upgrading for data displayed in the URL status and test data editor’s info column to be correct.

Selected improvements and bugfixes

  • Substantial improvements to TRIM data gathering and document filtering.

  • Improved Microsoft Office document formatting, and support for older office file formats.

  • PDF exporting of analytics dashboard.

  • New search result quality test data creation interface.

  • Query completion is now enabled for administration home page search boxes.

  • Previously selected collections are now automatically retained when reopening the administration interface.

  • Fixed view as HTML / Cached links when using crawler inline filtering

  • The webcrawler’s standard include/exclude system can now be extended after installation via Groovy StandardPolicy subclasses.

  • Fixed possible infinite loop where ResIf form tag did not specify a name attribute.

  • Corrected XML encoding of filetype attributes.

  • Fixed possible HTML corruption when using Boldicize form tag.

  • Improved handling of invalid/corrupt click and query log entries.

  • Click tracking links are now produced in xml.cgi, within the click_tracking_link element.