Plugin: Legacy stencils


Use this plugin when migrating a search that relies on legacy stencils into the DXP.

This plugin should only be used with existing higher education stencils-based searches that are migrated into the Squiz DXP, where it is impractical to update the search to use current search functionality and standalone plugins. The plugin should be removed once the higher education stencil is upgraded to support native plugins. It should not be used for other collections that have an existing dependency on stencils.


Enable the plugin

  1. Select Plugins from the side navigation pane and click on the Legacy stencils tile.

  2. From the Location section, select the results page to which you would like to enable this plugin from the Select a results page select list.

The plugin will take effect as soon as you finish running through the plugin setup steps.


The plugin does not directly support any configuration settings and the underlying stencils are configured as they were previously. Please see the higher education stencil guide for instructions for higher education stencil configuration options.

Change log



  • Updated to the latest version plugin framework (Funnelback shared v16.20) to enable integration with the new plugin management dashboard.



  • Restored compatibility for the legacy stencils Instagram gatherer.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the legacy stencils plugin from being enabled on a data source.

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