Funnelback documentation

Funnelback is a powerful search and insights engine that can provide holistic or targeted searches across your different content repositories.

Funnelback also includes a suite of tools that can be used to transform, audit and analyse your content.

What do you want to do?

Use a Funnelback search

Discover how to effectively search using Funnelback.

Build a search

Design and build a Funnelback search for your content.

Manage your search

Use the administration dashboard to manage your search.

Analyse and understand your content

Use the search analytics and auditing tools to gain insights about your content.

Develop and extend Funnelback functionality

Extend Funnelback functionality with plugins. Integrate your application with Funnelback.

Administer a Funnelback server

Funnelback server administration.

Reference material

Funnelback reference material

Configuration options etc.

Release notes

What has changed recently in Funnelback.